Boston Lobster Company is a member of the Champlain Seafood Family of Companies
Boston Lobster Company ships live lobster worldwide.

We are also a major supplier to the local Boston restaurant market. Delivering top quality lobster meat for all the summertime seafood cravings.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our packers handle your shipment with the greatest of care. Our team of local employees ensure your lobster are at peak health and will pack them for delivery down the street or around the globe.

We deliver a top quality live North Atlantic hard-shelled lobster. Shipping and exporting to domestic and international markets. Our main facility in Boston, Massachusetts is only minutes from Logan International Airport, ensuring that our lobsters are as fresh as possible.

2 Facilities

Straight from our tidal pound in Nova Scotia to your door. Our packers handle your lobster with the greatest of care and expertise for delivery down the street or around the globe. Primary supplier of fresh lobster meat for the Boston restaurant market.

 Tidal pound for optimal lobster health

 Rigorous inspections throughout packing process

 Packing processes maximize lobster quality

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