Boston Wholesale Lobster is a member of the Champlain Seafood Family of Companies
Boston Wholesale Lobster consistently ships the highest quality lobster to the most demanding customers worldwide.

A leader in shipping and exporting North Atlantic hard-shell live lobster to domestic and international markets. We are strategically invested in the Canadian lobster industry with two facilities on the Southwest shores of Nova Scotia. Our shipping facility in Lynn, Massachusetts is only 15 minutes from Logan International Airport, ensuring that our lobsters are out of water for the shortest possible time and can accommodate last minute revisions.

An exceptionally experienced ownership group, and a staff with unsurpassed knowledge of lobster, keep our team ahead of the curve. Our insight of the lobster industry and its trends, allows us to partner with our customers to build customized purchase plans, optimize their buying experiences and cement great

3 Facilities
(1) LYNN, MA

Continuously sourcing of only the highest quality lobster to ship to our customers, worldwide. Our two facilities in Nova Scotia, take advantage of the pristine North Atlantic waters that produce the highest quality hard shell lobster. An unsurpassed commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that we will continue to be a leader in the live lobster industry.

State-of-the-art lobster tanks and filtration systems

 Protein testing all incoming lots of lobster

 Guaranteed higher meat yield

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