Cheticamp Fisheries is a member of the Champlain Seafood Family of Companies
An industry leader and wholesale dealer of the finest Atlantic Canadian seafood.

Our certification by third party Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) represents our dedication to upholding strict environmental standards and supporting a sustainable and well-managed fishery.

Specializing in seafood export, we start with snow crab caught in the icy waters of Eastern Canada. A reliable, abundant supply of consistently high quality snow crab from the boats of local fishers to your customers’ tables – is our commitment.

Available in our standard or custom packaging, our delicious snow crab clusters remain our premium export product.

1 Facility

Our unique location on the west coast of Cape Breton provides direct access to the icy Gulf waters of Eastern Canada. The best region for accessing delicately flavoured snow crab fresh from the ocean. Since 1990 we’ve delivered sweet crab meat directly to global markets.

Stringent in-house quality control

Dedicated to strict environmental standards

Frozen at peak freshness

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