Lobsters “R” Us Seafood is a member of the Champlain Seafood Family of Companies
Efficiency. Traceability. Premium Product.

We live and work near our local Harvesters. In operation since 2004 our facilities are nestled along the fishing grounds for fresh delicious North Atlantic lobster.

Our premium quality live lobsters are demanded around the globe, shipped nationally and internationally. The whole process begins at our state of the art facility in Little Harbour, Lower L’Ardoise, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Lobsters ‘R’ Us is an award winning, family owned and operated facility built in 2011. We designed our own Lobster Holding centre in conjunction with Efficiency Nova Scotia guidelines, making energy efficiency the top priority.

1 Facility

Our lobster is the product of great partnerships with local Nova Scotia harvesters. Brought to our wharf or our truck-wharf stations, all freshly caught lobsters go through the same stringent scanning and tagging process. This process ensures complete traceability from the bottom of the ocean through sorting and grading, to storage and shipment to its final destination. Our industry leading lobster holding & grading technologies ensure our customers receive the highest quality wild caught live seafood.

Complete product traceability

Stringent tagging, scanning and weighing process

Year- round availability

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