Petit De Grat Packers is a member of the Champlain Seafood Family of Companies
Atlantic Snow Crab arrives fresh from the sea on our wharf, daily in season.

We butcher, clean, cook and chill in a salt brine all within 60 minutes of pulling it off the boat.

Our “Signature Pack” is a high quality mix of full Snow Crab leg sections that maximize space and increase product quality in transportation. Frozen and fully cooked, our processed leg meat is ready for immediate sale and shipment globally.

Our “Grampa Harvey” brand is an award winning, premium quality Snow Crab. Our facilities here on the rocky shores of Cape Breton NS provide local seasonal work and ensure we receive Snow Crab fresh from the ice chilled atlantic waters.

1 Facility
(1) Petit-de-Gras, NS

Our facility specializes in local Nova Scotia harvested Snow Crab. Our onsite wharf ensures a secure location to deliver the fresh sustainably harvested product Our 60 minute turnaround time ensures succulent sweet brined leg meat frozen at peak freshness for your culinary delight.

Stringent in-house quality control

60 minutes from boat to freezer

Frozen at peak freshness

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