Riverside Lobster International is a member of the Champlain Seafood Family of Companies
Our products are produced with a single goal in mind, to provide the freshest possible wild caught seafood!

With multiple state of the art seaside facilities, tightly managed quality control, and hundreds of dedicated employees Riverside Lobster is a leader in the premium seafood industry.

From live to frozen lobster, we make every effort to ensure you get the best possible ingredients for your creations. We not only meet, but exceed Canadian food processing facility requirements. We have received and maintain many independent certifications from many jurisdictions from around the world. Rigorous employee training and a state of the art, onsite laboratory ensures our quality standards are met at every stage of productions.

4 Facilities

Prime access to the world’s best fishing grounds. We are honoured to offer customers the area’s most valuable resource, North Atlantic Lobster. Harvested from our warm waters and valued as the highest quality lobster. Our focused technologies and methods ensure customers experience an uncompromised lobster, free of additives and preservatives.

Maintain independent certification

Exceed Canadian food processing requirements

Rigorous employee quality training

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