We’re making
your food.

It’s about as sacred as it gets, and we never forget it.

We’re happy to list our multiple quality certifications, and let you check through third party inspections. Just know that without our incredible people we wouldn’t have awards like “Atlantic Canada’s – best places to work” or a product we’re so exceptionally proud of.

Quality is the outcome of great relationships.

With over 275 years of combined seafood experience we can produce a freshly processed product that might honestly taste better than what you’d buy off the boat.

Do you know the harvester who runs the boat? We do, and we’ve worked with them for decades to ensure we begin with the healthiest wild caught North Atlantic Lobster and Snow Crab.

Then we empower our squadron of Quality Assurance personnel. Our lab coat clad, clipboard wielding, temperature testing team let only the best product through.

Teammates like Sebastien in Cape Pele and Janelle in Lower L’Ardoise review every batch for food safety. They spot check, random check and laboratory test. They fill out forms and say NO to anything that doesn’t pass their eagle eye. Which is extremely difficult, because who can say no to lobster?

We collaborate, and share best practices. We bring new ideas and then we argue about them like a family to ensure only the best ones make it through.

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Begin a conversation with a regional sales representative in your area or request additional information from our product document resources.

“Lobster that tastes like a seaside holiday, cooked 6 months ago, in a factory over 7000 kms away! You could have sworn it came off the boat this morning, you can taste the sea in it.“

Taylor S.
Melbourne Australia

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