Safeguarding the future of our coastal communities.

We take a holistic approach towards sustainability.

We believe sustainability is best achieved when people and partners come together and think as one, share best practices, and support a culture of innovation. As a family of companies, each of us thrives as a member of Champlain Seafood because we share a common purpose – to protect the future of our families, our communities, our people and our partners.

For us, creating a sustainable tomorrow means supporting a workplace culture and people who consistently do the right things; as stewards of the ocean, as champions of increased efficiencies, and as leaders in food quality and safety. In our opinion, that level of integrated commitment is what truly defines your ability to find a smarter way forward.

We learn and share within our family of companies.

As a family of seven independently successful companies (a combined 275+ years of expertise), our level of collaboration continues to grow on a daily basis.

From creating like-minded partnerships with our harvesters to increasing production efficiencies our ability to learn is limited only by our ability to share. Increased capacity, shared best practices and a desire to be first-in-class is easier when you don’t have to blaze the path alone.

We leverage innovation to advance best practices.

We believe you honour tradition, by finding new ways to grow. That said, at any given time, one of our family of companies is working on innovative ideas to advance efficiency, sustainability and partnerships, workplace accessibility, custom product packaging or quality control improvements.

For example; one of our companies is measuring the advantages of using a Live Power System Monitoring Network to control power consumption depending on the capacity level of live lobsters at any given time. Others are implementing a traceability program, evaluating optimal custom packaging solutions, and testing technology with the intent of allowing their people to work smarter.

Once we’ve measured the results, and determined what works best we share that knowledge as a team – with each company making a strategic contribution to our big picture goals.

Reporting & Respecting Transparency

Report on Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains

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